Gwaredu BVD
Screening Status
If you believe your cows are infected with BVD, please click here to contact us on
01554 748576
Gwaredu BVD Certificate Certificates are available to all herds that screen clear of BVD. You should screen for BVD every 300-400 days. Screening outside of this window will result in your status being demoted. Farmers are encouraged to contact Gwaredu BVD on 01554 748576 or to request their Certificates. We encourage the use of these certificates at sales to advertise your clear BVD health status. There are three tiers of certificate: Bronze Certificates A bronze certificate can be obtained after one clear screen. Certificates will only be awarded within 12 months of actual test. Silver Certificate Silver certificates can be awarded to farms that have screened clear for two consecutive years. Gold Certificate Gold certificates are awarded to farms that have screened clear on three consecutive years’ testing. (Only achievable from May 2019) Please note:- What does a Gwaredu BVD Certificate Screening Result mean? A Representative sample whereby 5 animals selected per Management group from the whole Herd at the CPH under the control of the Keeper of the Herd was made on the Screening date. These animals were individually blood sampled at the date on the certificate.   A CPH may require more than one management group to be tested. The blood collected from each animal was tested for BVD antibodies using the IDEXX antibody ELISA test.   If no animals from the Representative sample(s) tested in the Herd have a +ve antibody result then this means that there no evidence of BVD infection in the Herd on that CPH and as a result an Antibody free certificate will be issued If 1  or more animals  in the Herd (from any management group) have a +ve result then this means that there is a BVD infection in the Herd on that CPH which requires further investigation by a veterinary surgeon and recommendation is made that such an investigation should take place. In this case no certificate will be issued. Any exposure to BVD after the test date may mean that members of the Herd have become infected and therefore the Screening Result is only an indicator of the Herd’s BVD status as at the date of the Screening e.g. if animals who carry BVD are introduced to the Herd after the date of the test the BVD status of the Herd will change and pose a risk to purchasers. All veterinary surgeons who carry out the screening test have training available to them through an online CPD package supplied by Gwaredu BVD. All laboratories who review the results of the test are accredited to ISO 17025 accreditation.