Gwaredu BVD
About Us
If you believe your cows are infected with BVD, please click here to contact us on
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Animal Health & Welfare Wales (AHWW) was established to support the Welsh farming industry deliver on some of its key animal health and welfare challenges. This industry led organisation also aims to deliver on some of the priorities identified by the Wales Animal Health & Welfare Framework Group.

AHWW is a collaboration between Coleg Sir Gâr and the Royal Veterinary College. Based at the Agricultural Research Centre (ARC) on the Gelli Aur campus of Coleg Sir Gâr, it was founded in 2017 by John Griffiths of Coleg Sir Gâr and Dr Neil Paton of the Royal Veterinary College, after being awarded the role to deliver the industry led Gwaredu BVD Programme.

In addition to delivering the pan Wales Gwaredu BVD programme, AHWW has also published industry papers on other key industry diseases.

Its aim is to deliver positive animal health and welfare benefits to farm animals in Wales.